Tips to Ensure Your Tin Roof Stays Cool

One of the most economical roofing supplies you could invest in for your home is tin. Not only is this material affordable, but it is also aesthetically appealing. Nevertheless, a major drawback of tin roofing supplies is that they have the propensity to absorb copious amounts of heat. This heat absorption may not cause you much concern during the cooler seasons, but you can find that your home is significantly uncomfortable during the summer. Moreover, you could end up consuming more energy in an attempt to keep your home air-conditioned. The following are some of the tips that you could employ to ensure that your tin roof stays cool.

Have your contractors install insulation

One of the most effective ways of ensuring that the heat from your tin roof does not transfer into the interior of your home is to install insulation between your living space and the actual roof. The insulation will function to provide a barrier, hence ensuring that any heat retained by the roof will not permeate into your structure. Moreover, the insulation will also be beneficial during the winter, as it will prevent internal heat from dissipating through the tin roof. One of the traditional insulation solutions would be the use of foam, but you will find there are other options that you could consider depending on your budget.

Install vents in the roofing

Another way of contending with heat retention by your tin roof would be the installation of venting systems. When your tin roof becomes too hot, the heat will not have anywhere to escape. As a result, the heat radiates downward into your home, making your structure feel like an oven. When you install a vent system, you are ensuring that the heat can be redirected away from the roof and your overall structure. Additionally, the vents can also facilitate cross winds into your home, which would work to make your interior cooler during the summer.

Paint your tin roof

When homeowners think of paint, they tend to assume that it is exclusively beneficial for aesthetic reasons. Although paint does boost the appeal of your tin roof, there are specialised paints that you could consider that would enhance the reflectivity of your tin roof. Enhanced reflectivity translates into deflected sun rays, which means there will be less heat absorbed by the roof. As a rule of thumb, stick to white paint, as this is the most reflective colour in the spectrum.

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