3 Locks That Are Not Vulnerable to Lock Picking

Some homeowners constantly worry that burglars armed with lock picks will break into their homes and steal their belongings. That fear may have arisen from the experience of neighbours whose homes have been entered that way. This article discusses some of the locks that you can consider installing so that you make your home immune to lock picking.

Fingerprint Locks

You can ask your locksmith to install fingerprint locks on the front and back door of your home. This lock has a scanner that can recognise the fingerprints of the members of your family. You can add or remove the fingerprints of other people to the data base upon which the lock relies to operate. This type of lock is particularly good for people who keep losing house keys.

Pushbutton Locks

Another type of digital lock that you can install if you want to thwart lock picks is a pushbutton lock. These locks have a keypad into which you enter a code or password before the lock can open. Make sure that you select a pushbutton lock that wasn't designed to have keys as an additional way to open the lock in case of an emergency, such as when you have forgotten the code. Such keys can prevent burglars from using lock picks to enter your home.

Remote-Controlled Locks

You can also consider installing a lock that is operated using a remote control unit. Some of the remote control units for these locks are so small that you can carry them in your pocket. This type of lock is excellent in case you have disabled people or people whose mobility is limited in your home. Such people may be unable to place their fingers on the fingerprint scanner. They may also not be able to stretch their hand in order to enter a code into the keypad attached to the digital lock. The remote control unit allows such people to access the home easily. The only possible downside of this type of lock is that it may not come with a sufficient number of fobs so that each member of your family has one.

Have these locks installed in your home as a preemptive measure against the use of lock picks and bump keys to gain unauthorised access to your home. Ask a 24-hour locksmith to come with several of those digital locks in case you returned and found that your home had been burglarised using a lock pick or bump key while you were away. You can then select the best for your front door.

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