Essential Bathroom Renovations When Selling Your Home

If you are looking to put your house on the real estate market, it is prudent to ensure that it is appealing as possible. An area that potential homeowners will focus on when considering the different properties they view is the bathroom, as this is one of the most highly used rooms in the house. Therefore, you should strive to make this space as inviting as possible rather than leaving it as a utilitarian room. The following are a few of the essential bathroom renovations that you should embark on before putting your home up for sale.

Have a neutral palette

A mistake people make when preparing to sell their homes is leaving bold colours and patterns in the different rooms, as they assume this will make a lasting impression with buyers. In reality, you should bear in mind that not all potential buyers will share in your sense of style. Therefore, it would be prudent to make it easier for them to envision their style in the bathroom by providing them with a natural palette to work on. Additionally, a natural palette would make your bathroom appear larger than it is, which would also work in your favour when it comes to convincing individuals to invest in buying your property. Lastly, neutral colours such as white give your bathroom a crisp appearance, which would make it appear brand new.

Invest in water efficient features

Another renovation to invest in that would boost the resale value of your home would be incorporating water-efficient features in your bathroom. The first thing that you could do is purchase aerated taps for your sinks. These taps will decrease the volume of water that flows but this is barely noticeable as the water is mixed with air, which allows it to be delivered at the same pressure. The second thing would be to change out your shower fixture to a low-flow showerhead, which functions to decrease water wastage. Lastly, consider dual flush technology for your toilet, which controls the amount of water used depending on whether you are eliminating liquid or solid waste. Be sure to include these energy efficient additions in your report for the open house so that buyers know they would have decreased water bills when investing in the property.

Install adequate lighting

As long as the bathroom has one overhead bulb, lighting is an often-overlooked part of bathroom renovations. However, investing in bathroom illumination can boost the appearance of the space in various ways. Firstly, task lighting installed on the vanity, over the tub and in the shower would eliminate shadows in the room. Secondly, accent lighting would help in defining the different architectural features of your bathroom, making it appealing to buyers.