3 Types of Concrete Pumps for Your Construction Site

If the construction site you are working on requires you to move a large quantity of concrete, you will most likely need a concrete pump. Although you can move concrete using wheelbarrows, if you are moving a lot of wet concrete, you run the risk of some of the concrete drying up before it is in place. There's a range of different concrete pumps on the market. Below is a guide to 3 popular choices of concrete pump.

Line Pump

A line pump is usually mounted on the back of a trailer. The pump features a motor which forces the concrete mix through a series of hoses. The benefit of using a line pump is that it can deposit a steady stream of concrete on the desired area. It is also lightweight and because it is truck mounted it is easily manoeuvred. However, because line pumps tend to have small motors, they aren't the fastest way to move or spread concrete.

Boom Pump

As the name suggest, a boom pump features a large overhead boom. This makes it the ideal pump if your project requires you to deliver a significant amount of concrete which needs to be spread over a wide area. The pump is fitted with several mechanical arms. When the pump is in operation, fresh concrete is pumped through hoses into the arms where it is sprayed out to the ground below. The major benefit of using a boom pump to move your concrete is that it has a very impressive range, which means you will not need to relocate the pump constantly.

Mounted Pump

If the job you are working on does not require you to spread concrete over an area, you may be interested in hiring a mounted pump. A mounted concrete pump is designed to get large volumes of concrete from point A to point B very quickly. Because they do not need to be mobile, a mounted pump will generally have a larger motor which delivers a lot of power. 

These 3 broad categories of concrete pump. There are many different types of concrete pump on the market, so you can be sure to find one which is perfect for the job you need to complete. If you would like to find out more about choosing the right pump, you should contact a concrete service today. A concrete pump hire company will be happy to offer further help and advice.