Four Essential Safety Tips for Drilling Concrete

Core drilling can be essential especially if you need to run electrical lines through a concrete floor, add a flag pole to a concrete slab or make other changes to your existing concrete. You can buy or hire the equipment you need for concrete drilling, but as you can well imagine, tools that cut through concrete are heavy duty, and you need to ensure you don't get hurt.

Here are some safety tips to help you out.

1. Check for Frayed Cables

Once you start drilling, water will be involved. Water keeps the concrete you are working on moist, and that makes it easier to drill through without the blades getting gummed up with old concrete. However, water is extremely dangerous around electrical wires.

Because of that, you should always check the cords attached to your drilling machinery before you start working. If there are exposed wires, that could be an electrical hazard. Replace those cords or seal them with electrical tape before starting to work.

2. Never Forget the Vacuum Seal

Concrete drilling tools typically feature a vacuum seal. It's important to ensure the drilling machine is well sealed before you start drilling. The vacuum seal prevents the machine from moving suddenly or cutting where you don't want cuts.

Before starting, check the seal to make sure that it doesn't have any issues. In particular, look for wearing or ripped rubber. If the seal looks fine, position the concrete drilling machine where you want it.

At this point, plug in the machine. Ideally, you want the machine unplugged so that it is not getting any power whilst you look at the seal. Otherwise, you risk the equipment starting up accidentally and cutting you.

Now that your machine has power, the vacuum gauge should give you a reading. Rock the machine back and forth slightly, and watch the gauge. When it's at high, you can start drilling.

3. Make Sure the Drill Bit Is Tightly Secured

When the concrete drilling machine is in place, you can attach the drilling bit. Make sure that it is very secure before you start working. You don't want the bit to come off mid drilling.

4. Work at a Low Speed

Forcing the bit through the concrete could backfire. The opposing pressure could be so strong that it could force the drilling machine to become destabilised. Follow the lead of the hare in the classic fable the hare and the tortoise, and remember to work slowly and steadily.

Alternatively, you can protect yourself by just letting the pros handle the work. Contact a concrete drilling professional to learn more today.