3 Services Offered By a Road Marking Company

A road line marking company can do much more than just paint lines on your private road or carpark. They can also offer other services which can help to improve the road surface. Below is a guide to some of these alternative services.

Line Removal

If you have old lines which have become worn, you will need to have them removed before any restoration work can begin. Painting over old markings can affect the bonding between the fresh paint and the road surface. As well as laying down new road lines, a contractor will also be able to remove the old lines before using their equipment to paint a fresh coat of paint onto the road surface. 

Applying Anti-Skid Paint

Traditional road paint creates a completely flat surface which offers very little grip when the tyre of a vehicle passes over it. When the road surface is wet or icy, this can create dangerous conditions. If you are concerned about vehicles sliding and skidding when the road surface is wet or icy, you may wish to call a road marking contractor so they can apply anti-skid paint to the asphalt. Anti-skid road markings are created using a specialist epoxy resin material which creates a slightly uneven surface when the paint is applied. This slightly rough surface greatly increases the amount of friction generated when a vehicle tyre comes into contact with the road line marking.

Installing Reflective Markers

If your car park or road is often used at night, you may want to consider asking a road maintenance company to install reflective markers. These reflective markers, commonly known as 'cat's eyes' due to the fact they reflect the headlights of a car in a way which resembles the eyes of a cat, are particularly useful on bends and corners, as they provide a guide for drivers to follow in the darkness. A road markings company will be able to install these on sections of the road as requested. First, they will drill a small hole into the road surface. Then they will insert the reflecting markers, which are housed in a flexible rubber which protects the reflectors when a car wheel passes over them. Finally, they will seal the marker in place and test that it is working correctly.

If you would like to find out more about the services offered by a road marking company, you should contact a contractor today.