When Gigantic Trees Cause Titanic Fees: How Tree Removal Today Could Save You Cash Tomorrow

A beautifully kept garden in Australia can add a huge chunk of value to your property, as much as 28%, according to John Harris, a landscape economist. Throw in an intelligently placed tree or two and your property could be the envy of the neighbourhood. However, unlike landscaping, which a homeowner can easily change if need be, a poorly placed tree cannot be altered once it has matured.

Once a species of tree that is known for its great size when mature, such as a gum tree which can grow to over 20 metres, towers over your home while standing just a few metres away, you have a decision to make. You can either pay several thousand dollars today or risk paying much more than that for the damage the tree causes tomorrow.

Here are just a few of the financial risks a large tree poses to your property.

Tree Roots Love Sewer Lines

The root systems of nearby trees, especially those with expansive root systems, can end up costing you hundreds or even thousands of dollars in plumbing repair costs. All it takes is one small crack and the hungry roots of that nearby eucalyptus could be clogging up your home's waterworks.

Your Home's Roof is at Risk

Towering pine trees may look majestic as their trunks reach up past your bedroom windows to tower over your home but they may soon damage your roof. Damage from a towering tree can occur in a number of ways. Leaf and debris drop can clog up your gutters, causing rainwater to pool on your roof. This water may then leak into your home's walls, weakening them, whilst putting massive strain on the roof itself. This could lead to a costly, and dangerous, collapse.

Even if your roof doesn't collapse from the build-up of water, termites attracted to the moisture source may soon make a meal of your roof. During storms or on windy days, tree branches and even the trees themselves can come crashing down on your home causing thousands of dollars worth of damage.

Tree Roots Crack Foundations

The roots of large trees are not strong enough to break apart the foundations of your home through brute force. They can, however, cause the foundation of your home to sag and crack by draining the moisture from the soil near your home causing it to loosen and shift. Over time, this may cause cracks to form in the walls of your home.

Repairs for this kind of damage will leave your eyes watering, especially when compared to what it would have cost to remove the tree.

If you are put off by the cost of removing one or more large trees close to your home, just imagine how much you might be paying in a few years time if those trees damage your home. The best thing you can do is hire an arborist to remove those trees, then replace them with something smaller. Also, ensure you plant trees at least 10 metres from your home.