Three Signs You Need a Land Surveyor When Adding an Addition to Your Home

If you're adding an extension or addition to your home, you may need to work with a land surveyor. However, it depends on your situation. Here are three signs you should consider talking with a surveyor before starting your addition.

1. You Are Worried About Setback Rules

A setback rule basically refers to how far various structures need to be from the property line. For instance, in some areas, the only structure you can put right on the property line is a fence, and all other structures need to be a certain number of metres away from the property line.

If you aren't sure of the setback rules in your area, you may want to talk with a surveyor. They can help you figure out the setback rules and make sure your plans are compliant with those rules. They may also be able to help you adjust your plans so they work with setback regulations.

2. There Is a Dispute Over the Property Line

In other cases, you may know the setback rules inside and out, but you may not be sure where the property line is. In these cases, you should also contact a property surveyor. They can help to find the plates that mark the legal lines between the property.

Even if the current owner of the neighbouring property doesn't mind your addition potentially going onto their land, this could become problematic if the property sells. In particular, if the new owner objects to the addition touching their property or even being over the property line, you may have to tear down your addition. That can get expensive.

3. You Want to Ensure You're Building on Level Land

Property surveyors don't just help with property lines and setbacks. They can also be useful for helping to ensure the land you plan to develop is level. They can survey the land and make advisements on how to level it.

That can involve a blend of moving earth and bringing in new fill dirt, but a surveyor can be a great first point of contact in this process. They may also be able to connect you with professionals who can help with leveling the land. Keep in mind land surveyors often work with a variety of building professionals, and they may have connections you can use.

To learn more, contact a land surveyor directly. They can answer your questions and help you determine if their services are a good fit for your needs.