3 Additions to Make for a Marina Construction Upgrade

Taking on a marina construction project to upgrade your marina means thinking about how the finished project benefits you and the marina residents. You may be thinking there are not many upgrades you can add to the marina that would greatly change the look and feel of the area. The truth is, there are a few additions you can make that could enhance the area for you and the residents. Here are three additions to consider for your marina.

Seating Areas

One of the easiest additions you can make during your marina upgrade is to add seating areas. These areas can be placed all along the marina, or you can choose to place a seating area at each boat dock. If you choose to put seating at each boat dock, then you can upgrade the seating areas even further by making them double as storage and seating. This not only benefits you by keeping the marina clean and offering an esthetic appeal, but it also benefits the marina residents by offering seating and storage.

Covered Pavilion Area

Many marinas have amenities for marina residents. What they may not have is a covered pavilion area for eating and relaxing. There are times when you may have a marina event happening or residents may have family visiting. Having a covered area for these extra guests to enjoy can be a large upgrade that attracts more people to your marina for long-term and day use. The covered pavillion can also house tables, chairs, and even a small amount of snack or drink machines.This also offers an ideal spot for announcers during fishing and other related marina events.

Floating Docks

If your marina extends outward to a longer area, you may want to consider the addition of floating docks. These docks can be used at areas that extend further out than traditional marinas in the areas. The floating docks offer extra boat storage areas during the busy seasons and can be removed when those seasons are over. They can also be taken up during harsh weather to avoid costly damages that may occur from high winds.

These are only three of the additions you can make for a marina upgrade. If you are open to other options, consider a consultation with your marina builder. They can give you ideas, provide pricing information and help you with scheduling the upgrades. They can also help ensure that the upgrades and additions you want to  make meet the area guidelines and restrictions placed by the city or area the marina is located in.