Building a Kid-Friendly New Home

The flexibility of having a home designed specifically for your needs and desires is what attracts many people to having their home custom built. Certainly, this prospect carries significant rewards, but it can be both time and labour intensive. As with any home, it's going to be your base for many years to come. The average length of time an Australian owns a residential property is around ten years, and yet it could obviously be considerably longer if the home is capable of adapting to your changing needs.

If you have young children, you will want a design that is aesthetically pleasing and durable enough to withstand the knocks of kids being kids. The layout should also be practical in this regard. So what are some design considerations for your to be discussed with your custom home builders that can make the project a child-friendly space?

Durable and Stylish Flooring

The floors should be able to repel stains, scuffs and children's games. Many types of flooring don't quite meet this classification. Consider polished concrete flooring. It might sound somewhat austere, but this flooring doesn't resemble a mere slab of concrete. It  can be coloured with dyes to a shade of your choosing.

Partitioned Open Plan Living

Open plan living allows your family to enjoy the same space while still having their own space. This can be somewhat problematic when your children are playing a loud game while you're trying to enjoy a quiet moment. Open plan living areas can be partitioned with soundproof accordion doors, dividing the living space at your discretion and dampening the noise on the other side. These can be constructed from a hardwood veneer or vinyl laminate, with rubber sweep strips at the top and base to create a sound seal.

Adaptable Walls

Ideally the interior walls of your new home should have the ability to adapt. As your children grow and the accumulation of possessions pushes the boundaries of your built-in storage units, the walls should be able to be pressed into service with the addition of floating wall shelves. If this work is to be done later and you will be the one doing it, appropriate vertical timber studs throughout the room will make this easier, as opposed to having to drill into a dry-lined plasterboard wall. Paint that can be wiped clean will be highly beneficial when your children are young, and you could even apply chalkboard paint to a designated wall in their room or play area.

By making the right choices during the design phase, your new home will be a kid friendly space that the adults will also love. Check out sites like for more information.