How to Use Timber to Revolutionise Your New Home

If you're planning to construct a new home and want to celebrate the fact that you live in such an outstanding climate, then you should try to create a seamless barrier between the inside and outside. While you do, of course, need set boundaries around your structure, you can create the illusion that there are no limits if you plan carefully and so long as you choose the right materials along the way. Why should timber be a big part of your plans?

The Great Outdoors

As you design the layout of your property, make sure that your living area is oriented towards the north and north-east and you will make the most of the natural energy of the sun. You need to incorporate some of those floor-to-ceiling bifold doors that can disappear into the wall, and this will allow you to bring plenty of atmosphere and light into your new living area.

Using Timber to Create the Illusion

You'll find that timber is very flexible and is equally as good in an outdoor environment as it is within. By selecting the right type of hardwood and making sure that the dimensions match, you can create a seamless transition between your living area and your outdoor patio, without any "obvious" boundary.

You will, of course, have to pay close attention to the boundary area when it comes to weather protection and visibility. However, you should design the interior and outdoor floor areas so that they meet carefully along the perimeter next to the sliding door. With careful attention, you can create the illusion that this is all, simply one "big" room.

Indoor Acclimatisation

Do make sure that you prepare properly before you lay down any of this timber, however. While it is certainly hardy and can be used in virtually every environment, it should be "acclimatised" to its situation first. Timber that is laid within a property has to be allowed to adjust to the moisture content, and it should be stored inside before it is laid down.

Allocate an area in the spare room where you can stack all of these flooring products carefully while allowing the natural flow of air all around. The boards will expand or contract to a certain amount as this happens and will be ready for you to install in due course. If you don't do this, then those adjustments could take place when the boards are under stress, and they may crack or otherwise cause issues with your installation.

Outdoor Installation

It's equally important to acclimatise the timber that you place outside. This will, after all, encounter some very different conditions and you want to ensure that it is similarly ready for its job ahead.

Always lay down your outdoor timber very carefully and guarantee the right amount of ventilation, to help it dry following inclement weather.

Getting Ready for Your Job

If you have any other questions, ask your timber supplier to put you on the right track of finding the best timber for sale.