Epoxy Flooring: Your Questions Answered

Epoxy flooring has steadily become one of the top supplies both business owners and homeowners want for their premises. This flooring provides unique benefits that cannot be provided by other supplies such as timber or stone. So if you are deliberating on re-flooring the interior or exterior of your property, you may want to consider epoxy as your best option. But why has this become such a popular choice of flooring across Australia? This article explores the answers to a few of the questions that typically surround epoxy flooring.

What attributes make epoxy flooring an ideal flooring solution?

Epoxy flooring is manufactured from the combination of resins and hardeners, which results in a flexible, yet tough, plastic. The epoxy coating is designed to be applied on porous floors to prevent stains from absorbing into the surface. Thus, it is a great choice for applications that are exposed to dirt and bacteria, such as garages, warehouses, hospitals and so on. The epoxy is incredibly easy to install, which means you do not have to be anxious about extended installation periods. Furthermore, epoxy is available in a variety of colours, so it also bolsters the appearance of the flooring and subsequently the visual appeal of the space that the epoxy is installed in. Epoxy flooring is also available in a range of tactile surfaces. So whether you want textured anti-slip flooring or smooth, high-gloss flooring, you are assured of getting epoxy flooring solutions to suit your desires.

Can epoxy only be used exclusively with concrete?

Epoxy floors, undeniably, are most commonly associated with concrete floors because they primarily function to seal the pores of the concrete and subsequently increase the longevity of the floors. Nonetheless, epoxy is not only designed for concrete floors. The material can also be applied onto a host of other flooring supplies, such as metal and even timber! The main thing that would dissuade the use of epoxy is if the substrate material has a high moisture content, as this will prevent the epoxy from adhering onto the surface.

What is the lifespan of epoxy flooring?

Epoxy flooring is considered more durable than a range of other flooring materials due to several reasons. Firstly, the impervious surface of the epoxy means it cannot be at risk of water damage irrespective of where the flooring is installed. Secondly, the epoxy is pretty hard, which makes it resistant to impact and high traffic. Thus, as long as you accord the epoxy flooring proper upkeep, it should serve you for decades.