Considerations When Contemplating Portaloo Hire For Your Construction Site

If you are a project manager, it is your responsibility to ensure that the construction site is safe and conducive enough for construction work. And while this typically involves making sure that the employees are trained on safety procedures as well as putting up the right security measures on site that will keep everybody at minimal risk of injury, you should not overlook sanitation on the site. The assumption some project managers make is that the workers will simply find a way to relieve themselves off-site, but this can limit the productivity of the project or even make the site unsanitary. Rather than picking the cheapest portable toilets that you come across, here are the considerations that you have when contemplating portaloo hire.

The design of the portaloos

Portaloos come in a plethora of options. Hence, it is judicious for project managers to know their construction project's needs before they make a choice on the right design for their site. First, you need to establish what dimensions will be best for your portaloos. For instance, you can choose portaloos with multiple facilities inside, such as a urinal and a separate toilet, or you could choose individual toilets. If you have a large site, urinals will be convenient, especially if the majority of workers are male. Second, consider the accessibility to the portaloos. If you have administrative employees that are disabled, then you should factor in their needs to in relation to portaloo access.

The ventilation in the portaloos

When several people are utilising the same toilets all day, it is very likely that odours will start to stagnate inside the portable toilets. If these odours are not eliminated, it makes it increasingly difficult for other people to use the toilets, which ends up affecting the productivity of your construction workers. Additionally, lack of ventilation allows for bacteria and germs to accumulate inside the portaloos, which can make them unsafe for use. When picking portaloos, ensure they have adequate ventilation, which is only accomplished with intuitive design. Moreover, you should ensure that the portaloos are situated downwind so that odours do not waft to the site itself.

The cleanliness of the portaloos

Another crucial consideration to bear in mind when deliberating on portaloo hire is the cleanliness of the toilets. Some project managers may choose to cut costs by having their portable toilets cleaned on a weekly basis, but this will put your employees' health at risk. It is best to elect for daily cleaning from the portaloo provider, more so if you have many workers on site. Furthermore, you should ensure that the portaloos are always stocked with sanitation supplies such as disinfectant, a handwashing station, soap and so on.