Bathroom Renovations to Make This Space Luxurious Yet Functional

While your entire home should be your haven, two rooms should always spark joy in your while making you feel at peace: the bedroom and the bathroom. Where you lay your head every night should be a reflection of your personality since this is your space. Moreover, it should have all the creature comforts that would need to spend quality time either on your own or with your space. Your bathroom, on the other hand, should always make you feel rejuvenated.

Considering that this is where you get clean, it should also cleanse your mind and your spirit. So if your bathroom is doing none of these things, it means that this room is singularly utilitarian and it is time for some renovations. But where should you start? To help you with some inspiration, here are some bathroom renovations that will make this space luxurious yet functional.

Embrace nature

Surrounding yourself with greenery allows you to breathe clean air as these plants use carbon dioxide for photosynthesis. Sunlight, on the other hand, is a mood booster and is also vital for Vitamin D. But short of showering outside, how can your embrace nature right in your bathroom? The first place to start would be getting rid of unnecessary walls and replacing them with glass. A wall of floor-to-ceiling windows made of tinted glass, for example, allows sunlight to stream through into your bathroom and keep it well illuminated throughout the day.

If this is unachievable, your bathroom renovation contractor can install domed skylights that will also maintain your privacy but while allowing you to benefit from the sun's rays. In terms of nature, large potted plants strategically placed around the bathroom allow for lush greenery right in this space. As a bonus, consider timer accents and natural stone as your preferred renovation supplies as these will complement the ambience you are creating.

Floating sinks

When some homeowners think of floating sinks, they tend to think that these are only viable in high-end homes or hotel rooms since the assumption is that they are exorbitantly priced. Granted, some materials such as marble may cost an arm and a leg, but this is not true for all floating sinks. The trick is finding supplies that fit within your budget and then dressing them up with your aesthetic in mind.

For example, if you embrace nature in your bathroom, your floating sinks should appear as natural water features that are contributing to the visual interest of the room. Hence, instead of using traditional porcelain, go with a natural stone such as granite or sandstone, as these add that natural touch to the room. For the exposed plumbing underneath, choose striking metals such as brushed nickel or shiny copper that tie in well with the overall appearance of the room.