Why You Should Focus on Digital When You Upgrade Your Shop Fittings

As people flock back to the high street, you'll want to make sure that your retail store is ready. After all, you want your prospects to cross your threshold and not that of your competitor so that they spend their dollars with you and help to boost turnover. Yet you've got to make your store as attractive as possible and if you are planning a fit-out to get ready, make doubly sure that you embrace technology. But what types of technology should you introduce?

The Collection Point

It's no secret that people have been spending a lot more time online and tend to do a lot of their research via a smartphone or tablet. Yet, they may still want to come to the high street in order to pick up their goods and will often participate in a click and collect system.

Make sure that you structure your new fit-out to take this trend into account. Remember that people may be inclined to spend more and often as an impulse buy, so populate the collection point with some of your most attractive products. Design the entire area to try and draw people further into the store itself.

Digital Shopfront

When it comes to attracting people who may be walking past, transform your shop window. Gone are the days when you would simply add some of your products as a static display by using mannequins or other tools. Instead, make the entire shopfront digital. Work with some of your suppliers to create powerful video productions that stop people in the street and get their attention. Remember, they're used to watching videos all day on their smart device, and if you are clever, you can catch their attention and open their purse.


If you haven't done so already, make sure that you fit point-of-sale technology at checkout to make it as easy as possible for people to pay you. Eliminate any pressure points as people simply do not have time for that anymore and will seek out a competitor if they feel hassled.

Touch Screens

Install touchscreen technology throughout the store so that people can check on prices, sizing, availability and other details.

Fitting out

Discuss your plans with your fit-out contractor and make digital a key part of your next iteration. You'll be surprised how attractive this could be to today's switched-on consumer who could make the next upcoming season your best yet.

If you need a retail shopfitting, contact a contractor in your area.