What are the safety concerns when demolishing a home?

Demolishing a home of any size is a significant project and one that needs to take into account several different factors.

A great deal of planning and preparation needs to be put in before any work can take place, and it is highly advisable to employ a specialist firm of construction contractors to oversee and implement the work.

Home demolition services

Several companies specialise in the safe demolition of homes and employ specialist technicians to make sure all major concerns are addressed, before, during and after the demolition. An assessment of the home and its condition needs to take into account things such as whether or not it is connected to another property if it is in a bush fire zone or if any of it is a listed building or is part of a heritage site.

The structural condition of the building also needs to be assessed. Some homes are demolished because they have become unsafe to live in, and it is important to know what recent repair work may or may not have been done. Once a thorough assessment has been done, preparation can be done to make the site safe and ready for demolition. This can include installing equipment, making sure there is sufficient access for large vehicles, and removing all non-fixed items such as furniture, bedding etc.

One important aspect of all planning is that neighbours and anyone living or working within a specified range of the demolition must be notified in advance that it is taking place. It is also good practice that there are continual updates given by the contractors on the timescale of the demolition so that people affected by it can plan accordingly. These should either be posted on the site itself or online, or ideally both.


One of the major concerns for demolishing any building, especially homes, is the possibility of releasing asbestos dust which is potentially deadly to anyone who inhales it. Asbestos was widely used in the building and construction of many homes for decades, and the entire home has to be thoroughly checked by a recognised asbestos inspector before any building work of any type, including demolition, can take place. The inspector must sign off the home to confirm that it is safe to demolish it, or if not, an asbestos safety plan must be put in place which manages the process of demolition.

Material disposal.

One of the biggest headaches for home demolition service companies is the disposal of all materials that have been collected during the demolition of the home. Many landfill disposals relate to materials used in the construction industry, and as such, there is significant pressure to re-use and reprocess all building materials where possible.

When demolishing a home, there is a significant number of elements of the construction that may be able to be recycled, such as bricks, plaster, etc. The recycling of all materials should be part of the planning process, and the demolition itself should be done in such a way as to preserve as much of this material as possible.

For more information, contact a local home demolition service company.