Why You Should Focus on Digital When You Upgrade Your Shop Fittings

As people flock back to the high street, you'll want to make sure that your retail store is ready. After all, you want your prospects to cross your threshold and not that of your competitor so that they spend their dollars with you and help to boost turnover. Yet you've got to make your store as attractive as possible and if you are planning a fit-out to get ready, make doubly sure that you embrace technology. Read More 

Two Tips for Restauranteurs Who Are Taking on Freezer Room Construction Projects

Here are some tips to follow if you're a restauranteur and are taking on a freezer room construction project. Measure your biggest freezer food items before having the shelves built You should measure your largest freezer food items before having the shelves built. For example, if you serve turkeys around Christmastime and purchase extra-large frozen ones in bulk just before December, you should check the approximate dimensions of this large item before telling the contractor how wide the freezer's shelves need to be. Read More 

How to Add Insulation to an Existing Home During a Remodel

Installing insulation in new homes is easy and fast because it is done before the finishing stage. However, insulating an existing home can be a complex process. Tearing down walls and floors to install insulation can be extremely costly. Luckily, it doesn't have to be this way. If you are planning a major remodel, you can use the opportunity to insulate your home and replace old, worn or ineffective insulation. Below are a few tips on how to approach the project. Read More 

Important Things to Know About Having Wall Framing Done When You’re Renovating Your Home

If you are planning on renovating your home sometime soon, then you might be planning on installing additional walls in the home. For example, you might have decided to break up a bigger room or area in your home into separate rooms. If so, then wall framing is obviously going to have to be done so that your walls can be installed. These are some of the important things that you might not know but that you will, in fact, need to know when you have wall framing done. Read More 

Top Mistakes You Shouldn’t Make When Working With a Land Surveyor

If you're ready to hire a land surveyor, such as if you need to have your property surveyed before you put it up for sale or before you get started with planning a building project, then you might want to learn a little more about working with one of these professionals. Some people make mistakes when hiring and working with these professionals, and obviously, you will probably want to do what you can to avoid making any mistakes yourself. Read More