Two tips for homeowners who want to build tennis courts on their properties

If you intend to build a tennis court on your property, here are a couple of tips you should keep in mind to ensure that you are pleased with the end results of the tennis court construction project. Consider adding some extra features that will enhance your playing experience If you will be practising and participating in matches on your new tennis court on a regular basis, then it's worth asking your team of tennis court builders to add some extra features to the structure that will enhance your playing experience. Read More 

Building a Kid-Friendly New Home

The flexibility of having a home designed specifically for your needs and desires is what attracts many people to having their home custom built. Certainly, this prospect carries significant rewards, but it can be both time and labour intensive. As with any home, it's going to be your base for many years to come. The average length of time an Australian owns a residential property is around ten years, and yet it could obviously be considerably longer if the home is capable of adapting to your changing needs. Read More 

The Key Components of an Actionable Development Plan

Development projects, both simple and complex, require careful planning to make them successful. Any development project will require a comprehensive outline of supporting documentation, policies and information that is relevant to the success of the intended structure being built. While development planning begins on paper, it will ultimately need to be implemented practically. Therefore, actionable steps need to be included in the development framework to turn abstracts concepts into reality. The key components of a successful development plan include the following: Read More 

3 Additions to Make for a Marina Construction Upgrade

Taking on a marina construction project to upgrade your marina means thinking about how the finished project benefits you and the marina residents. You may be thinking there are not many upgrades you can add to the marina that would greatly change the look and feel of the area. The truth is, there are a few additions you can make that could enhance the area for you and the residents. Here are three additions to consider for your marina. Read More 

Three Signs You Need a Land Surveyor When Adding an Addition to Your Home

If you're adding an extension or addition to your home, you may need to work with a land surveyor. However, it depends on your situation. Here are three signs you should consider talking with a surveyor before starting your addition. 1. You Are Worried About Setback Rules A setback rule basically refers to how far various structures need to be from the property line. For instance, in some areas, the only structure you can put right on the property line is a fence, and all other structures need to be a certain number of metres away from the property line. Read More