Considerations When Contemplating Portaloo Hire For Your Construction Site

If you are a project manager, it is your responsibility to ensure that the construction site is safe and conducive enough for construction work. And while this typically involves making sure that the employees are trained on safety procedures as well as putting up the right security measures on site that will keep everybody at minimal risk of injury, you should not overlook sanitation on the site. The assumption some project managers make is that the workers will simply find a way to relieve themselves off-site, but this can limit the productivity of the project or even make the site unsanitary. Read More 

Epoxy Flooring: Your Questions Answered

Epoxy flooring has steadily become one of the top supplies both business owners and homeowners want for their premises. This flooring provides unique benefits that cannot be provided by other supplies such as timber or stone. So if you are deliberating on re-flooring the interior or exterior of your property, you may want to consider epoxy as your best option. But why has this become such a popular choice of flooring across Australia? Read More 

Four Common Types of Construction Industry Excavation

Alongside archaeological excavation, there are four main ways to excavate a site prior to building work commencing. You might need to excavate a site for many different reasons, perhaps to form a trench into which a structure will sit or to make way for a new bridge support or road, but the chances are that the excavation contractor involved will use one of the four methods outlined below. Read on to find out more about the common construction methods in use in Australia today. Read More 

Three Essential Guidelines for a Successful Subdivision Development

Developing land through subdivision development can be a beneficial undertaking. In general, if a large parcel of land is sectioned into smaller pieces, the resulting lots can be sold for more. The total amount earned from all the lots will be higher than the price of the large parcel. Also, smaller lots are more practical for the market. Numerous people will be interested in small lots while a large tract will only attract a few clients. Read More 

How to Use Timber to Revolutionise Your New Home

If you're planning to construct a new home and want to celebrate the fact that you live in such an outstanding climate, then you should try to create a seamless barrier between the inside and outside. While you do, of course, need set boundaries around your structure, you can create the illusion that there are no limits if you plan carefully and so long as you choose the right materials along the way. Read More