Waterproofing Alternatives for Your Home’s Basement

Did you know that basements are one of the best ways of enlarging your living space? You can use them as storage spaces, parking lots, or guest rooms whenever you have too many visitors. Notably, basements are prone to seepage because the walls and floor are in direct contact with the inner layers of the soil. These soil layers contain lots of water percolating into the ground whenever it rains. For this reason, you must seal your basement walls and floors thoroughly to keep the water from seeping into the building. Read More 

3 Locks That Are Not Vulnerable to Lock Picking

Some homeowners constantly worry that burglars armed with lock picks will break into their homes and steal their belongings. That fear may have arisen from the experience of neighbours whose homes have been entered that way. This article discusses some of the locks that you can consider installing so that you make your home immune to lock picking. Fingerprint Locks You can ask your locksmith to install fingerprint locks on the front and back door of your home. Read More 

Top Reasons to Consider Building a Sunroom

Your home will undoubtedly be one of the biggest expenses that you'll spend money on. Thus, it is not uncommon to find homeowners looking for ways to make their residence as functional to their needs as they possibly can. Moreover, individuals will also be in search of ways to increase the value of their premises through various home improvements. One of the additions that builders can construct for you is a sunroom. Read More 

Dream Houses: They’re Not Just For Dolls

Instead of sifting through the housing market, many families now choose to design and construct their own homes from scratch.  While it is time-consuming and can be expensive, doing things your own way gives you the ultimate freedom.  You can create as many bathrooms as your family requires; you can lay out your home with regards to your own specific needs, not those of the mass market. If you'd like one bedroom to have a study attached, you can do so; if you'd like an open-plan kitchen and dining room that leads into a double-storey library, then that option is open to you. Read More 

Going Out With a Bang: Which Explosive Is Right for Your Demolition?

There are many different methods for demolishing buildings. Sometimes, it may be safer to deconstruct your building manually, but if you need it done quickly, then a controlled explosion may well be the way forward. Once you've settled on a controlled explosion, however, the next question follows. Which explosive? The specific demolition contractor you hire will likely make a recommendation, but here's a quick guide to show you what to expect. Overground, Underground or Underwater? Read More